India Rails

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Now rail fans can experience the thrills of owning, building and operating railroads in the land of India!

India Rails is the latest in the series of train games using the Empire Builder System. Using a specially coated board, players use crayons to draw their rails lines. Moving their train up and down the line collecting and delivering goods, players attempt to become the most efficient delivery service in all of India!

Cards inform each player of the current demands of the citizens, their jobs is the make a decision of which loads they will pick up and deliver. With 52 different cities, players will never play the exact same game twice. 

Fans have enjoyed building railroad empires for years, now you can attempt to master a new region!

PARENTSIndia Rails is geographically accurate. The mountains, rivers, plis and deserts as well as the natural resources are accurately portrayed. Playing the game is an easy way to learn about India and geography fo the region,. Learning should be fun!