Double Mission: Beyond the Object

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Double Mission: Beyond the Object is a light game with a heist movie theme, à la Ocean's Eleven. It is basically a competitive game, but with a dose of semi-cooperative element.

Each player personifies a "professional thief" who attempts to retrieve valuable objects (tokens) from various cities of the world. Each city has its own security level, which is represented by the number of dice a player has to roll. The special d6 die has one "fail" side and five "success" sides. For instance, if a player wants to penetrate a level 4 city, he or she rolls four dice and all four dice must show "success" sides.

There is a unique semi-cooperative aspect here. If a player wants to penetrate a city, he or she can ask another player to join the heist. The main player and the collaborator roll the dice, and the heist succeeds if any one of them rolls all "success". The main player takes the valuable object from the city while the collaborator receives points for compensation. If the heist fails, both the main player and the collaborator receive an investigation token (potential penalty points).

Players continue to gather valuable objects, which can be sold for immediate points or displayed to claim "fame titles". Whoever earns the most points wins the game and is declared the greatest thief of the world.