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A day at the races...

You must consider the odds, choose your horse, place your wagers and watch the race. With a bit of luck you will be a happy better! The bookmaker hopes to lure the betters into betting on the wrong horse. But betting can be a tricky game: luck is important and even the most skilled better or cunning bookmaker must be a beaten by a sudden twist of fate!

Bookmaker is a fast paces party game about horse racing. players bet on horses in a series of races. They're not concerned about which horse wins, however, so much as making as much money as possible from the bets they place based on which race cards they hold in hand.To win you will need to calculate the odds and take same gambles... and avoid any unlucky turn of events!

Variant rules in Bookmaker add wild race cards that move the horse which moved on the previous turn, a bet on which horse is the nag, and a harness option in which horses can break from the track and be disqualified.