Die Baumeister des Colosseum

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The more you build in Die Baumeister des Colosseum, the easier it is to win — but getting the materials themselves won't be so easy. The pace of the construction within the Colosseum determines how long the game will last, so it's important to plan ahead...

The players build together the big Colosseum. The consul is the central figure, because only with his help players can acquire the right landscapes to produce resources. But what’s the use of having these resources, when they can’t be stored? Even here the consul comes to the rescue with the camps, where the resources can be stored. With the help of the stables you can help the consul along his route to influence his travels.

Using his resources each player tries to contribute to construction of the Colosseum to receive glory points. When the construction ends, the winner will be the player who could amass the most glory points during the building time.

German edition box. Game contains no text. 100% language independent. 

Downloadable color English rules on purchase completion.